Why Social8?

Extensive research has given us a confusing amount of conflicting information which suggests that a premium social media platform (paid membership) may be a difficult sell. Much of this is due to advertising revenue and tracking algorithms that seem to have become either unnoticed or so common-place it's normal to expect it and/or not even think about it!

With the movements that have garnered public involvement in recent years through rallies and protests, as well as the attention of conservative show hosts on tv, radio and internet - websites, forums, podcasts and video hosting platforms... we feel that NOW is the right time to launch.

Those movements have proven a significant number of people are aware of what it means to be tracked for ad revenue and how it impacts their online experience, not to mention concerns with respect to the privacy of their data, the potential phishing of identity or their online security.

Similarly, many have noticed their freedoms being eroded day by day. The "conspiracy theories" used to be crazy stories peddled by overzealous characters in tin-foil hats. However, it seems, they may not be so crazy after-all. The script has been flipped, exposed and then downplayed.

This is when we notice "narratives" > stories that are spun to cater to interests i.e. corporate or political, and this includes opinions spun as fact. Have you noticed, mainstream social media and news is onboard with the spin doctors - research: employment and salary statistics for journalists vs. public relations specialists. The articles are ads! This isn't new, it's just more prevalent.

So, where can you go to find information?
Good question. That is the main reason behind Social8. However, it costs significant money to develop and maintain a social media network to stand a chance against the established "free" platforms. It really is a matter of getting what you paid for and FREE social media is NOT free!

Why is it so difficult to find?
Because, if they existed - it wasn't for long. They were shut down, blocked, banned or canned. The general issue is "hosting" - the providers of services that host data generally have a say with respect to the content being hosted. This occurred with Parlour in the USA in 2020.

This is why Social8 is for adults, and it's main functions surround communication > discussion. We have Groups, Group discussions, advanced Forums, Instant messaging and Group chat. We will also have our own private video hosting platform for the media a biased host won't allow.

We value freedom of speech and freedom of expression with one narrow exception, as covered in our "Member Conduct" policy - where freedoms meet personal and/or property rights i.e. we will not tolerate hate speech (identity, gender, race or culture).

If you love what we stand for and believe in what we intend to deliver, please support the Social8 project. A significant amount of work has gone into creating the brief and now all we need is to receive validation. This occurs in the simple act of succeeding to gain members, build a newsletter list, reach potential members on existing social media platforms and receive the necessary capital to execute - hence our investor pitch and our exclusive Lifetime deal.

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