Tracking means?

Wherever you go - a little piece of code will follow you; this is called a "cookie". This information innocently plugs into analytics tools (the original intent) but also advertising tools with the sole objective of targeting users with specific product/service adverts (the advanced intent).

All online businesses need "general" analytics - this is how we know where visitors came from and what type of device + browser they used when visiting. This information is helpful when designing a website to be functional for it's users i.e. language or responsive resolution or the importance of browser compatibility. It can tell which pages are popular and even identify broken links.

However, deep analytics and the use of information on a "per user" basis also threatens privacy, it's less helpful in the aforementioned intent and more specifically helpful at increasing targeted advertising clicks for revenue. This is why Apple (most recently) made significant changes that upset the major social media platforms by favouring consumer privacy over advertising dollars.

Social8 will never subscribe to such programs, algorithms or otherwise methodologies. WHY - because we're designed to be a PREMIUM Social Media. The only reason tracked-for-ad-revenue is important in 2020 and beyond is because consumers have falsely been lead to believe social media is free. It is NOT.

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