From time to time we will run surveys for one of two purposes:

  • To gain insight and direction from the public or our members;

  • To gauge discussion topic opinions from our public visitors and/or our members.

We will never collect "too much" information - that could identify an individual in a survey and we strive to word questions in a simple and concise manner to avoid confusion or error. Surveys will only appear when setup by Social8 administrators; they will always meet our Privacy Policy.

Often-times, we will require a response within a survey - "required" is marked with an asterix (*).

This is because, we only pose a question that serves a purpose (productive surveys) and response data does not identify any one individual respondent. However, due to the nature of some questions, we may opt to render the answer optional or nominate to place an "other" field.

Sometimes the survey has a community benefit, therefore your participation could be paramount in the making of a decision... and sometimes we offer the respondent a reward for their time, generally if the survey surves a commercial purpose.

We may run a survey to benefit a Business Plan member who has commissioned us to seek input or opinions from our members. This will always be disclosed. Requests from non-members or from external sources are not sourced, integrated or permitted (non-tracking policy).

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