Free - Starter Plan

Our Starter Plan will be free forever. This ensures member data remains intact - a starter member can upgrade and a Premium member can downgrade.

A Starter Plan is a good introduction to Social8. However, it's designed to meet the expectations of free social media with a few added benefits whilst providing a base platform to upgrade towards Premium Plan access and feature enhancements + the Social Point program.

We value:

  • Freedom of speech, therefore we don't censor topics (16+ age restriction)

  • Freedom of expression, therefore we don't ban profanity (swear words)

  • Privacy - which is why we will never have install or run ad tracking scripts

* Please complete our survey for an exclusive discount off our current promotion - the LIFETIME Plan, before it's sold out. We will not ever offer it again.

The Free Plan and the Premium Plan will become available for subscription once Social8 begins it's public launch estimated to be mid 2022 - providing success at our project validation phase.

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