Social Points

Our Social8 Social Media (Reward) Points are totally unique!

Q: What is the most important component of social media? i.e. it's dead without it.

- Content!

Q: Where does (community) content come from? i.e. who creates content.

- Users or in our case, Members!

Q: What is the most important resource for any social media platform?

- Capital and income.

Q: How do other social media platforms earn the funds to maintain and grow?

- Advertising algorithms that track users.

How do Social8 "Points" work? and how do they reward members?

Points are primarily designed to reduce the cost of a Premium Membership, meaning we're prepared to share by exchanging a value (in the form of points) for activities conducted on the platform (i.e. content) to directly reduce the members monthly or annual membership cost.

This means that... the more a member contributes (to a limit), the more they are rewarded. So, which social media platform would you prefer to spend your time contributing to?

We've worked out that a member taking full advantage of the proposed Points schedule can reduce their membership by up to 95% i.e. rendering their Premium Plan close to free!

The list of activities and values (points) will only be finalised and made public after successfully passing our validation phase i.e. within our initial development phase.

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