Points Activity List

PLEASE NOTE: This list is yet to be finalised.

You may see a list of indicative, example activities below:

Logging in - (example: daily logins earn a points value)

Viewing content - (example: clicking to view a suggestion)

Publishing content - (example: posts, blogs, hosted video)

Approved comments - (example: a post requiring approval)

Watching a specific video - (example: a video we premiere is watched)

Referring a new member - (example: referral promotion)

Listing an event - (creating and posting a member event)

Booking an event - (when a member books a listed event)

Listing a classifieds item - (posting an item for sale)

Completing a survey - (completing a survey)

Upgrading your account from Starter to Premium or Business

and more!

Value = currently we view one (1) point as being worth USD 0.01 cent.

Points can only be earned by Premium plan and Business plan subscribers.

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