Platform bias means?

It means - a platform has chosen a side, an opinion... and uses that to skew the posts you see, the posts you don't see, and/or brand posts with a label such as "half true" or "false statement" > enter the FACT CHECKERS - oh no!

Therefore, platform bias is bad-news for your news feed. Bias platforms use algorithms similar to those use in ad-revenue-tracking, to tailor what the viewer is exposed to. This is how public opinion is formed - increased singular narratives = increased belief in a narrative = a flipped script! refuses to blend or blur the lines between that of a platform host and that of a publisher. Therefore, the only publishing we will be doing is that of our members blogs, videos, posts, forum comments and all things considered "member content".

You are free to choose what you believe at Social8 - content will be hosted and delivered from all sides of a story - that's from an unbiased permission to post any all content (providing it does not breach our simple rules i.e. pornography is not allowed) marked "fact" or "opinion".

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