Our plan options are simple, on purpose!

STARTER (base plan) = Forever free

This provides an experience very similar to other free social media. The difference - we do not track users for ad-revenue, we value privacy and we don't censor your voice. The "fact checkers" are the community; there's no backroom to skew a narrative at Social8.

PREMIUM (subscriber plan) = Full feature Platform membership

This provides the same social media experience as our Starter plan only with a lot more features, functionality and fun! Premium members are our core community focus.

With the Premium plan over the Starter plan, members gain access to:

  • Advanced Forums for engaging discussions, reviews, links and media sorted by topic;

  • A powerful and fun Group chat with Chat Rooms for real-time group conversations;

  • A blogging portal to host your own blog that connects to our member "Blogazine";

  • Access to our Roadmap with the ability to submit suggestions and vote on them;

  • Access to our own Video platform to submit and view otherwise censored content;

  • Advanced notice of updates and releases from our Changelog;

  • Special Premium Member-Only events, newsletters, competitions and promotions;

  • And more, as we develop it.

BUSINESS (subscriber plan) = Premium supercharged for business

This plan is our answer to ad-revenue without tracking users across their entire internet experience. Business takes notice of the demographics specified by all members and delivers scheduled paid advertising as ordered. The system is contained to this platform only.

In addition, Business Members are able to host their own e-commerce store on Social8 where products and services (and eventually promotions and deals) will be available to all members on all plans for order, purchase and/or bookings. We plan to also implement a Business "pages" section to index (like a directory) each business with a search function i.e. "local" and "electronics".

Business plan members will also gain direct access to our team for the fastest possible responses to any questions, orders or issues.

The Premium and Business plans will be rolled out at our public launch and will replace our Lifetime plan offer. The Lifetime plan will cease to be available.

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