Narratives mean?

In simple form - "narratives" are similarly linked to "bias" which is the precursor for a platforms position with respect to WHICH narrative is taken and how broadly it is applied.

For example - the year 2020 or more specifically the presidential campaign between the incumbent 45th president Donald Trump and ex-vice President Joe Biden. Social media took the Democrat (left) narrative along with most (mainstream) media to ensure a biased narrative in favour of their candidate was received by their subscribers.

The example above demonstrates the power but also the responsibility or a lack thereof on the part of media inclusive of social media, which is meant to be neutral. Prior to whistleblowers and even acknowledgement by executives at congressional hearings, it was thought to be corporate interests were the most dominant force of sponsored narratives.

At Social8, we're determined to equally allow all content from all members without bias, censorship or narratives. We feel that platforms engaging in such behavior are in-fact choosing content similarly to an editor-in-chief's role at a publishing house i.e. that is publishing.

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