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Starting a premium social media platform with all the inclusive features and functions we've designed is not only a lot of hard work and dedication, it's expensive!

If you love what we're doing and you're happy to support us, we really would appreciate it... especially during our earlier days of validation and development.

Donations can be any amount from $10 unwards.

Other "Donations" related F.A.Q's:

We cannot offer any perks for donations, that could typically be considered a purchase i.e. Plans. However, if you've registered your correct details with us as a known donor (did not tick the "anonymous" check box on the form) and you made a donation within the following ranges, we will ensure you get a special Social8 promotional gift from us as a thank you for your support.

Between: $50 - $99 - A two inch square Social8 logo sticker.

Between: $100 - $199 - A Social8 t-shirt (like the one in our welcome video).

Between: $200 - $299 - First access to our Business Plan when launched.

$300 or more - A shoutout (name or brand) in our next Newsletter (to our entire database).

$500 or more - A shoutout, a t-shirt, a sticker and first access to our Business Plan when launched.

By registering as a donor, you will be enrolled to receive our "Donations Newsletter". If you also subscribe to our updates, and also register to be an interested investor before becoming a Lifetime member, you may receive a total of four (4) different newsletters.

You may opt out of one or more Newsletters at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the base of any email you receive from us - you will see a list that you may "uncheck". You may also opt-in to additional Newsletters if you wish by clicking the appropriate box, this excludes the Investor Newsletter.

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