Censorship means?

From the perspective of a platform... It means you've chosen a narrative based on a biased position and you're censoring - blocking, labelling, reducing delivery and thus readership on purpose, and actively engaging in suppression of information that contravenes this chosen narrative.

Simply put, censorship is an absolute threat to freedom of speech and to our innate ability to think cognitively as human beings. It has the ability to affect public opinion and even election results. It is an attack on all democracies and it's an abuse of trust.

Therefore, we believe a platform such as Social8.net is of vital importance. It's not biased, so it cannot be accused of being "conservative" or "right wing" anymore than it can be accused of being a flying pink pig in polka-dot pajamas.

We support debate, the sharing of content and the right for every individual to effectively research and decide upon their own opinions without censorship or biased narratives. If you support this too, whatever your past or current beliefs, bring your open mind, passion, content and discussion to Social8.

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