The Business Plan

This plan is intended for release from our public launch, at the same time as our monthly and annual subscription Premium Plan. This is the Premium Plan - for Business.


If you're a business owner or in charge of the marketing department for your company, you may be interested in advertising to our members. First, you need to become a Business plan member. You may then proceed to order (book) advertising based on a number of parameters that relate directly to our members i.e. country > local regions, age range or gender.

If you have an e-commerce shop or are looking for a simple way to establish e-commerce on the Social8 platform, you will enjoy our "vendor store" facility. Here, you can set-up shop and be visible to all members whether you're selling a product, a digital product, a general service or a bookable service. You can manage costs, coupons, delivery options, payment options and orders from here.

Do you have a team? - take advantage of our "team" packages. Similar to our intended "family" release package for Premium subscriptions. This will allow one account holder to subscribe to a small quantity of accounts that are paid for by one account.

And... access our team with priority support.

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